What Makes a Bully?

A bully is a person who is about power and control. 

A bully is a person who takes a deliberate action to intimidate another person. 
A bully uses threatening words, actions or behaviours to achieve their ends.

Bullies often:
  • Pick on those who are weaker or smaller than the others
  • Pick on new people - as they're new, they don't yet have a group of friends who can back them up
  • Talk loudly and over the top of other people, so no-one else gets to voice their opinion
  • Tell lies/spread rumours  about their victim
  • Use blackmail - in the form of threats
  • Try to get their victim ignored and excluded from activities
  • Shut out their victim, so no-one will talk to them
  • Incite their victim with constant name-calling and teasing
  • Steal, withhold or 'lose' their victims possessions

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