Teenage Bullying

Teenage bullying is a major problem in today’s society.To understand how to prevent teenage bullying you first have to understand what is teenage bullying or more to the point what is a bully.

The Oxford dictionary defines bully (noun) as a person who uses strength or influence to harm those who are weaker, and bullying (verb) to use superior strength or influence to intimidate [someone] typically to force them to do something. In schools the problem is especially prevalent not just face to face bullying but now with the ever increasing use of social media [facebook/youtube] it can become relentless and what to do to combat this type of bullying is an ever increasing problem.

Our teenagers have the hard enough time. As they grow from children to adult their bodies are undergoing quite complex physical and emotional changes, they can become clumsy as bits of them grow at different rates from other bits making them really self conscience, they feel that they must be accepted by the peers regardless of the emotional cost  which is a whole lot worse now thanks to electronic communications mobile phones are at the fore front; there at the business end of their schooling trying to decide what career path to take. Everything seems to be happening at once, but being bullied should not be one of them.

As we’ve said before teenage bullying can take many forms but all ends with the same result; the victim is pressured into doing something they don’t want to do or prevented from doing something they would normally do.

Most teenage bullying is about how the bully sees other people. Bullies as a whole have very low self esteem and are threatened by differences in others, which they are unwilling to accept.

These can be racial in nature, religious,a person’s sexual preferences,it can be caused by somebody’s physical disabilities or just because someone looks/dresses/sound or acts different from them. It can even go as far as bullying because of the people or organisations they are associated with. It doesn’t have to make logical sense to us as long as it’s about power and control it does to them. The bully then set about creating the environment where through violence or emotional blackmail they can belittle their victim and as such raise their own self esteem by lowering other peoples.

The bullying cycle nearly always starts small but if left unchecked will almost certainly escalate into more serve and brutal occurrences. In some instances because of lack of understanding or lack of intervention suicide or fatalities occur which is completely unacceptable.

For bullying to be successful, there must be a tangible outcome to a threat, or perceived threat by the victim.  It can be at school, over the internet, anywhere.

For example, if I’m scared I will be beaten up, harassed and abused, or have personal information [rumours] spread around, I can be bullied into doing something that I would not normally do, or not doing something which may cause harm to others.

However, if I have enough knowledge and skills to defend against such an attack, the bullying has no effect. If the bully realises that you can and will deflect his assault the chances are it will never take place.

The key to this is quite simple self confidence. But as we know teenagers with all the massive changes occurring all around them their self esteem and self confidence can take quite a battering. One way for the teenager to cope is to give them the ability to defuse a potentially violent situation.

The passivePOWER system can provide these tools: the knowledge and skills to give them the confidence and self assurance in their own ability to handle most situations.

We conduct one day workshops where we teach you the passivePOWER system. There are no kicks or punches involved; actually there are no aggressive moves at all only retaliatory moves using the aggressors own momentum against themselves. These workshops give you the skills to defuse situations where aggressive behaviour is present and will show how moves to counter headlocks strangles and a variety of grab attacks.

In concert with the workshop we have available written material.

Specifically, we have written 2 books that deal directly with this problem of bullying using passivePOWER.

In book 1[Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Signs}] we deal with Awareness, what personal traits are common with victims of bullying and suggests ways to change them as well as environmental awareness what to look out for and avoid if possible, what steps to take to help minimise risk and Verbal Conflict Management specifically what to say and what not to say in any given scenario. Book 2 [Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Solutions}] shows a range of practical measures to control aggressive behaviour, through non violent passive means. The book uses over 150 photos and a step by step written guide detailing how each move is performed and what the outcome should be.

The key message throughout both of these books is confidence when you are confident in your own ability everything changes.

For more information please read our "Secrets for Stopping Bullying" ebooks.
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