Secrets for Stopping Bullying eBook


The PassivePOWER system has been specially adapted for kids that are being bullied.

This system for kids is NOW available on eBook.


Use this amazing new breakthrough system, designed by a former Police Officer, to unobtrusively neutralise bullying and violence anywhere.

This passive system is the newest system available. Get instant results. You can learn this passive protection system and apply it in just one (1) day. Anyone of almost any age and fitness level can learn these moves.

What's the secret? This amazing system applies the age-old (but little promoted) philosophies of martial arts of "evade, escape, block, or control". Because this system contains no punches, kicks, or retaliation, it limits the possibility of litigation.

Protect your children and loved ones from bullying and violence without fighting back. Take back your passive POWER.


We encourage you to download and purchase the eBook as an additional guide to the PassivePOWER system.


The eBooks can be sourced by clicking on the following links:

secrets for stopping bullying for kids - book1   

Secrets For Stopping Bullying
Book 1 - Secret Signs

 secrets for stopping bullying for kids - book2   Secrets For Stopping Bullying
  Book 2 - Secret Solutions