Every day we hear about bulling in schools, bulling in cyberspace so what is bulling or more to the point what is a bully.

The definition from the Oxford Dictionary for bully [noun] is: a person who uses strength or influence to harm those who are weaker. Bullying [verb]: To use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone) typically to force them to do something.

Bullying is almost always about power and control the use of physical or emotional harassment to intimidate someone that they [the bully] perceive as different or weak.

This involves the bully’s perception of other people. Bullies are threatened by differences in others, which they are unable or unwilling to accept. These can be racial in nature, religious, physical or mental disabilities or just because someone looks/dresses /sound different from them. It can even go as far as bullying because of the people or organisations their intended victim is associated with. The list goes on and on and doesn’t have to make logical sense to us as long it involves power and control over others it does to the bully.

The bullying cycle nearly always starts small but if left unchecked will almost certainly escalate into more serve and brutal occurrences.

For bullying to be successful, there must be fear that the perceived threat will be carried out.  (You will be ‘beaten up’ – secrets may be exposed - someone you love may be threatened ...etc...). It can be at school, the street, in cyberspace.

Mostly bullying is caused by a lack of confidence, brought about by fear. The bully picks up on this and takes advantage of the situation.

So begins a vicious circle:

I am being bullied.

I need to be confident (or show confidence), but I’m scared.

Therefore I show in my body language, responses and actions that I lack confidence.

So I am bullied (possibly even more) and the cycle continues to spiral.

Confidence is everything.

PassivePOWER can offer a solution; we conduct one day workshops that deal directly with anti social aggressive behaviour such as bullying and offer information and solutions as to how to avoid and if absolutely necessary how to passively defend against physical attacks. One of the greatest benefits from these workshops is the increased confidence levels that participants obtain when the fear factor is removed. Once the bully is aware that his attacks can and will be repelled it is highly unlikely that an attack will occur in the first place.

We also have available 2 books that deal with the bullying problem.

Book 1[Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Signs}] deal with Awareness in your surrounding and personal traits common with victims of bullying and suggests ways to change them. As well as Verbal Conflict Management. But if the situation deteriorates into a more physical problem that’s where book 2 comes into play

Book 2 [Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Solutions}] shows a range of practical measures to control aggressive behaviour, through non violent passive means. The principles of EVADE and ESCAPE or BLOCK and CONTROL come into play. To expand on these EVADE is easy don’t put yourself at risk avoid areas where you know physical violence is more likely to occur, ESCAPE is also as the name implies if you find yourself in a threatening situation we give you the skills to defuse the situation and walk away by teaching how to defend against grab assaults including head locks and strangles without retaliation. BLOCK, simply put is how to defend against strikes kicks and punches without striking back by using the last principle CONTROL. By being able to deflect or stop a kick strike or punch and then place the aggressor in some form of physical restraint the threat is neutralised and put you in control.

The overriding message throughout is self-confidence. When you are confident in your own ability everything changes.

For more information please read our "Secrets for Stopping Bullying" ebooks.
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