AntiBullying for Kids


PassivePOWER presents conflict training wherever verbal or physical conflict is a risk and passive solutions are required.
This anti-violence and anti-bullying self defence, self protection system has been specifically designed to counter bullying and violence in all situations.

Use this amazing new breakthrough system, designed by a former Police Officer, to unobtrusively neutralise bullying and violence anywhere.

This passive system is the newest system available. Get instant results. You can learn this passive protection system and apply it in just one day. Anyone of almost any age and fitness level can learn these moves.

What's the secret?
Although it contains no martial arts, this amazing system applies the age-old (but little promoted) philosophies of martial arts of "evade or escape" and "block or control".
Because this system contains no punches, kicks, or retaliation, it limits the possibility of litigation.

PassivePOWER courses are designed to reduce bullying and intimidation in schools whilst minimising the risk of expensive litigation. This anti-violence and anti-bullying self defence, self protection system is particularly useful as a self defence program for school students and teachers alike.

PassivePOWER for students is a specialist course tailored to address the bullying, conflict and intimidation that occur in schools.

PassivePOWER for students is unique, as it is totally passive involving no kicks, punches or retaliation, no advantage is to be had for a bully to learn this system. If a bully is aware that attacks can be repelled it is highly unlikely that the attack will be carried out in the first place.

As such, PassivePOWER can be taught to every student without fear of any repercussions.

Teachers at times also have their problems with students, although some will rarely (if ever) admit it. Teachers are bullied by students. Some are assaulted. Many have to deal with behaviourally challenged students daily and these students at times can be violent.

Understandably, teachers are prohibited from striking their students. However, when attacked by a violent student, or assaulted while attempting to break up a fight, or just being confronted and threatened, what options does one have? Verbal conflict management, fine, but what if that fails?

There are many occasions when verbal solutions fall short. When a student is high on some sort of drug, or medication, or just so angry that they are unwilling to listen, just to name a few - what then? Many teachers have been injured in these and other scenarios.

You, the teachers, know them probably much better than better than we here at PassivePOWER. Of course there is always legal recompense for those unlucky enough to have been the victim of an assault, but often severe damage is done: dental work is required, jaws are broken, or there is some other serious injury not to mention the emotional stress attached to such an incident.

PassivePOWER provides a solution. Based on "evade or escape" or "block and control". PassivePOWER returns the power to the teacher. Without kicks, punches, or retaliation the chances of litigation are limited and the teacher is no longer a "free target" or "punching bag" for those who would attempt to assault a teacher. Designed particularly with the novice in mind there are no pre-requisites and due to the simplicity of the moves age does not present a barrier.

For more information please read our "Secrets for Stopping Bullying" ebooks.
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