About PassivePOWER System

The Passive Power System
Simple, Effective, Easy to learn Defence System


William Ford - CEO of PassivePOWERBILL FORD began martial arts training at the early age of 7, after being bullied at school. At age 11 he began to study a non traditional style of Kung Fu called Chien Do. He loved this art and after school (and later after work) and on week ends he would practice every spare minute, which amounted to about 50 hours per week.

 His mother and father, while they never pushed Bill to practice at this level, always encouraged him to do his best in whatever he did. This led to Bill achieving the coveted status of Master by the age of 33.

At age 25, Bill joined the NSW Police and quickly noticed there was a difference between himself and his fellow officers - not just a difference created by martial arts - but a noticeable difference. That difference was that Defending Solicitors and Barristers were not making allegations or accusations about "Who threw the first punch?". He realised it was the fact that he was using the basics of what he had been taught and was avoiding and controlling, rather than retaliating. He began to document and detail this and devise it into it's own system.

After almost 14 years, Bill left the NSW Police and entered the related profession of security. Here he noticed the same things happening in relation to allegations of assault. He continued to document, detail and devise this system and began to test it on others.

Between 1996 and 2004 he refined the system so that it can be effectively taught in one day and he tested it on over 200 security personnel and (over a period of seven years) several hundred year 9 children at a very prominent private school and taught over 300 retired members of our community through various Retirement Clubs.
The security personnel recorded immediate rises in confidence and in excess of 80% recall of techniques on refresher courses run 12 months later.
Bullying was all but eliminated from year 9 children and the retired people reported an immediate rise in confidence, because they reported they felt 'safe within themselves'.

Now he had the proof.
It was simple.
It was Effective.
It was easy to learn from kids to pensioners.
It could be learnt in a day and the bonus - IT WAS TOTALLY PASSIVE.

Today we call that system PassivePOWER.