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Anti-Bullying for Kids

Physical bullyingAnti-bullying for kids is exactly what the name implies a number of different strategies that can easily be learnt to help deal with bullying where ever or whenever it takes place using a system that was developed called PassivePOWER.  This unique system offers passive anti bullying protection against a variety of situations.

William Ford - CEO of PassivePOWERThis anti bullying system was developed by a unique Australian, William Ford, a professor of martial arts at the Worldwide University for Martial Arts and Higher Education.  His thesis for this degree being:  passive self defense.  He is a designated instructor and a life member of the World Organiser of Martial Arts and is a recognized international expert in the field of self defense.

Gang bullyingAnti bullying for kids using the PassivePOWER system was developed firstly to overcome aggressive and violent behaviour using non violent passive responses [no kicks or punches]. 
It accomplishes this by using the ancient martial arts secrets of EVADE and ESCAPE  or CONTROL. We will describe these principles in more detail later.

Before we go much further it would be appropriate to first define what a bully and bullying are.  The Oxford dictionary defines bully (the noun) as a person using strength or influence to harm someone weaker than themselves. Bullying (the verb) as someone using strength or influence to make somebody else do something they want.

Bullying is always about power and control and is a result of the bully being unable to accept differences in other people. It can be racially based, religious or caused by somebody’s physical or mental disability.  It can be as simple as how someone speaks, dresses, acts or even the people or organizations they may be associated with.  When viewed by an outsider, the bullying often appears to make no logical sense.  However, it still exists.  Bullying doesn’t have to make sense to us - as long as it’s about power and control it makes sense to the bully.

In overcoming bullying, confidence is everything. The PassivePOWER system aids this process by providing the individual with the knowledge [and with practice in the physical techniques] the ability, to deal with both physical and verbal bullying. 

Computer bullyingBullying often starts small, but if left unchecked spirals upwards at an alarming rate, with the consequences [for the victim] getting progressively worse and in most cases more violent.
For bullying to be effective the victim must believe there will be a real and tangible result, (I will be beaten up or my secrets will be revealed or someone I care about will be harmed) whatever the case, the victim is sure [in their mind] that the threat will be cared out.

Verbal bullyingBullying always follows a simple pattern:
The bully recognizes and isolates somebody weaker than themselves.
The harassment and victimization starts.
The victims self esteem and self confidence suffers, [normally because the victim is afraid or lacks the skills to ward off the attack - whether that attack be physical or verbal]
The bully recognizes their harassment is working and increases the severity of the bullying.
Self esteem and self confidence suffers even more.
Thus the cycle is perpetuated.

Kid being bulliedIn an ideal world we could just walk away and stay away from these types of people, choosing to have no further contact with them.  Unfortunately in our society we have to mix with all sorts of people and often the choice to walk away and stay away is unavailable [particularly with our kids, who have to attend the same school day in and day out].  We can however minimize the collateral damage.  Our actions and responses to the situations we are placed in [often by others] dictate how we will be treated and viewed by others. How we help our kids understand and cope goes a long way in their personal development.  Confidence is everything

Text bullyingAs our world gets ever smaller and with the ever increasing reliance of our children with electronic social media [facebook/ twitter etc] cyber bullying is now the cause of some very serious problems. There are any number of remedies for cyber bullying being bandied about, unfortunately very few work.
Taking away the source of the problem seems a likely answer, except all of your children’s friends still communicate via their mobile phones, computers or social media devices [as well as at school] and the bullying still persists.  The only guaranteed achievement from this action is to alienate you from your children. How do you overcome this?  Monitor their facebook/twitter, or similar accounts.  Post your own independent comments [such as “this behavior is unacceptable…”].
Reporting these events is always a good idea.

SMS bullying“Harassing Communication by Telecommunication Device” [or similar indictment] in most English speaking countries is a Federal offence with quite severe penalties. Most electronic devices leave some sort of traceable footprint. Reporting these events can and often does lead to the prosecution of offenders. In the main, these investigations are carried out by an office the equivalent of the “Telecommunications Commission” rather than the Police.

The best solution is to give your children the confidence to be who they are.  To stand alone, independently.  Cyber bullying still relies on the bully threatening a physical outcome – [often to exclude the victim from the group, or make the victim the subject of the taunting of the group].  Take this away by giving your child the confidence to stand independently, to be confident with who they are and what they stand for and the bully has no ammunition.  Teach them the old philosophy of “It’s nice to be important - but it’s important to be nice”.  Thus the bully’s prime motive of power and control is removed.

Confidence is everything.

PassivePOWER can offer a solution; we conduct one day workshops that deal directly with anti social aggressive behaviour such as bullying. We also offer information and solutions as to how to avoid and if absolutely necessary how to passively defend against physical attacks. One of the greatest benefits from these workshops is the increased confidence levels that participants obtain when the fear factor is removed.  Once the bully is aware that his attacks can and will be repelled it is highly unlikely that an attack will occur in the first place.

We also have available 2 books that deal with the bullying problem.

secrets for stopping bullying for kids - book1Book 1 [Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Signs}] deal with Awareness in your surrounding and personal traits common with victims of bullying and suggests ways to change them. As well as Verbal Conflicts and how its Managed. But if the situation deteriorates into a more physical problem that’s where book 2 comes into play.

secrets for stopping bullying for kids - book2Book 2 [Secrets for Stopping Bullying for Kids {Secret Solutions}] shows a range of practical measures to control aggressive behaviour, through non violent passive means. The principles of EVADE and ESCAPE or BLOCK and CONTROL come into play. To expand on these EVADE is easy don’t put yourself at risk avoid areas where you know physical violence is more likely to occur, ESCAPE is also as the name implies if you find yourself in a threatening situation we show you the skill to defuse the situation and walk away by teaching how to defend against grab assaults including head locks and strangles without retaliation. BLOCK, simply put is how to defend against strikes kicks and punches without striking back by using the last principle CONTROL. By being able to deflect or stop a kick strike or punch and then place the aggressor in some form of physical restraint the threat is neutralised and put you in control.

Self confidence is the key; if your children are confident in their own abilities bullying has little or no effect. Whether it be a physical attack or emotional blackmail.

To summarise - to overcome and combat cyber bullying [in a nutshell]

Monitoring the social media sites of your children

Changing your kids circle of friends or people who influence them

Promote group activities with like minded associates - remember there is strength in numbers

ABOVE ALL - Have open communication with your children

For more information please read our "Secrets for Stopping Bullying" ebooks.
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